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Yamaha Visual position machine series is a combination of the positioning machine, Yamaha rigid box making machine, Yamaha case making machine. It offers a flexible solution for different customer demands. Customers can decide the mold you need according to their demand like they can choose only positioning, can choose rigid box and book cover 2 in 1 machine, can choose only rigid box making, etc. The machine can be a very flexible match in the different purposes of box and book cover making. 

The machine adopts the high technology of the Yamaha position, camara taking photos tracking system, Omron PLC, convenient touch screen human-machine interface. Machine are widely used for the mobile phone box, sweet box, chocolate box, tea box, watch box, jewelry box, cosmetic box, electronic product box, moon cake box, set up box, wine box, shoe box, gift box and wines, cigarettes, moon cakes, tea, mobile phones, underwear, handicrafts and cosmetics, etc, making file folders, calendars and other hardcover books as well.

Pinchuang is the leading automatic Yamaha visual positioning machine manufacturer & supplier in China, provides Yamaha visual positioning machines for rigid boxes. It has created a fast and complete customer service process and system to provide customers with thoughtful and timely services.