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We have two kind of automatic case making machine, Type 1 is yamaha robotic arm position type with high accuracy, Type 2 is the traditional photoelectric detecting position which only professional for the book cover making only. 

Automatic case making machine uses the servo driving, photoelectric detecting,servo position or yamaha position, camera taking photos and other new technology as well.They can finish the processes of the paper feeding,gluing, board feeding,positioning and four side wrapping with fast speed and high quality.It offers a very good solution for the packing of wines, cigarettes, moon cakes,tea ,mobile phones, underwear, handicrafts and cosmetics etc,making file folders, calendards and other hardcover books as well.

Pinchuang is the leading automatic case making machine manufacturer & supplier in China, provides case making machines. It has created a fast and complete customer service process and system to provide customers with thoughtful and timely services.