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Why will automatic box making machine replace manual

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Automatic box making machine adopts servo control system and image positioning system to realize automatic completion of paper feeding, silkscreen gluing, positioning, box holding, hemming, ear folding and folding forming.

China is a country of etiquette, and it pays attention to etiquette and exchanges. Chinese people must prepare some gifts during New Year, festivals, and friends and relatives. In the early 1980s, they gave snacks and malted milk.

Today, gifts are more and more abundant, such as fashion, watches, computers, mobile phones. Wait, the grades are getting higher and higher, and relatively speaking, there are also high requirements for the outer packaging of the goods, not only to look high-end and generous but also tasteful and cultural. The substantial market demand factors provide the necessary hardware conditions for developing the gift box industry.

automatic box making machine

The gift box market space is vast, and there are many kinds, such as: "moon cake boxes," "tea boxes," "wine boxes,"etc.,  fields involved in a wide range, such as the cosmetics industry, jewelry industry, tobacco, and alcohol industry, food industry, and other gift boxes.

There are many kinds of gift boxes on the market with novel designs. It improves the requirements of product quality, meets the needs of consumers, and increases the added value of products. In many gift box manufacturers in my country, 90% of the gift boxes are made by hand, relying on cheap, labor-intensive methods.

Most enterprises are small in scale, the degree of industrialization is not high, and the product quality is unstable. New problems are about to be faced, as well as a series of factors such as higher employment costs, increasing rents, expenses, etc., which affect the development of gift box manufacturers.

The current gift box production enterprises are still in manual production. They cannot form a model of packaging industrialization, which is undoubtedly difficult for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Industrialization and automation are the only way for the future development of the entire industry.

Using semi-automatic and fully automatic gift box machines and equipment can replace manual box making in whole or in part. The production speed can reach more than 5 times the efficiency, which is undoubtedly a significant benefit for gift box packaging companies. Insisting on replacing pure manual production with machinery and equipment, improving product production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and expanding enterprise scale is the only way to develop packaging enterprises.

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