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V-grooving machine Tips

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V-grooving machine Tips                                   

In many V-grooving machine factories, operators must pay attention to safety during operation, but how should we operate to ensure our safety? Therefore, today, Pinchuang slotting machine manufacturers will discuss with you how to use the slotting machine to be the safest.

When we use the V-grooving machine, we can't put some things that are prone to tilt or slip on the table, can't go into places that can't go in, and don't touch the machine when the machine is working. To avoid problems caused by our negligence, the staff should wear all safety protection equipment.

If there is an abnormal sound when we use the V-grooving machine, we must stop the operation of the equipment and replace the defective parts. Of course, we also need to see what the problem is. Use the micro-movement method to check if there is any foreign matter inside. Please wait until it is determined that there is no problem. If there is a problem with some safety parts, it is generally not possible to disassemble them. Wait until the places to be fixed are fixed before proceeding. Operate. Everyone should remember that if there is any problem with the V-grooving machine, it must be powered off first.

Precautions for installation of V-grooving machine

The first point is that the equipment must be placed on a flat work surface, and the anchor screws must be adjusted to level the workbench.

The second point is to adjust the level of the machine and the flatness of the work surface. The flatness of the worktable needs to be adjusted after the wire table is punched.

The third point, the adjustment of the gap between the knife grooves and the knife tip: install the sharpened blade on the knife holder of the white steel knife; install the alloy knife holder with the blade on the knife holder of the alloy knife holder, and screw the screw to carry out adjust.

Fourth, it is best for technicians to carry out door-to-door installation and debugging.

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