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What are the types of box making machinery?

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1. Rigid Box Forming Machine 

The rigid box forming machine uses the PLC to finish the box four side box forming. Folding, air bubble pressing automatically. The machine is automatically an adjustment type for the different boxes. You can change the different sizes of the box within 5 minutes. It is an easy adjustment and saves time for adjustment.

Rigid box forming machine

2. Paper gluing machine 

Paper gluing machine includes a semi-automatic and automatic type. It is mainly designed for the pause and positioning of the paper after the paper is glued, which effectively prevents the conveyor belt from shifting or misaligning to produce a large number of defective products under the premise of moving.

Paper gluing machine

3. V grooving machine 

Cardboard V Grooving Machine is suitable for various gift boxes, book boxes, moon cake boxes, cardboard boxes. V-groove for gray paper has no burrs and no dust. Multiple V-slots can be opened simultaneously, which is an indispensable and ideal cardboard V grooving machine for box-making enterprises.

 V grooving machine

4. Box corner pasting machine 

Box corner pasting machine is a special equipment for the positioning and forming the box and the inner box. The use of high-temperature adhesive tape saves consumables. The corners finished by this machine are square in angle, stable, and beautiful. Machine speed is high, and the price is low. They are the leading equipment indispensable for box making.

Box corner pasting machine

5. Book cover folding machine 

 The book cover folding machine is divided into a manual cover machine, a semi-automatic cover machine, and a fully automatic cover machine. The entire production process of the fully automatic cover machine includes cover gluing, positioning, and four-side wrapping. Suitable for all kinds of bookcases, book boxes, folders, chessboards, desk calendars, and other related products.

6. Middle strip machine

The middle strip machine is special equipment for binding hardcover books. It is suitable for cutting and unloading thin boards such as cardboard and gray cardboard. It is often used in hardcover book cutting and flat hardcover book back center strip cutting processes. . The middle strip machine can avoid the disadvantages of low efficiency, low cutting precision, high labor intensity, and paper waste caused by the slitting of the paper cutter.

7. Four sides folding machine 

The four side wrapping machine is mainly aimed at the lining and forming the rigid box or book cover type box. It uses the cylinder to make the four side cover folding automatically. The whole process is smooth and fast and further solves the manual lining. It is a revolution in hand-made boxes.

8. Case making machine 

rigid case making machine, also known as the bookcase maker, is professional automatic production equipment for producing hardcover book cases, notebooks, covers, wall calendars, desk calendars, and file folders. It is suitable for mass production of moon cake boxes, tea boxes, mobile phone boxes, underwear boxes, handicraft boxes, cosmetic boxes, and other outer packaging boxes and folders, desk calendars, hardcover book covers. It is the most effective automated production solution. 

9. Air bubble pressing machine 

An air bubble pressing machine is a new type of flattening and correcting equipment specially used to solve bubbles, parcels, wrinkles, and deformation on the bonding surface after the carton is made and formed. The application of the foaming machine solves the traditional manual scraping and rubbing, which are slow, labor-intensive, and rough inaccuracy. It ensures that the carton has excellent characteristics and precision that it is solid and full after it is formed.

10. Gluing machine 

The gluing machine is special gluing equipment specially used for making hardcover covers and boxes of thin books. The gluing machine has a simple structure, flexible operation, easy adjustment, and uniform gluing and coating. Currently, there are two types of desktop and cabinet models.

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