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The main reasons for the failure of the slotting knife of the v grooving machine

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   v grooving machine

The slotting knife includes two parts: the upper blade and the lower knife. The standard upper knife consists of an arc knife and serrated arc knife; the lower knife has the semi-circular acute-angle knife or semi-circular right-angle knife and semi-circular groove wide ring. The service life of the slotting blade depends on whether the quality of the cardboard slotting meets the product standard. The grooving rate generally decreases with the wear of the cutting edge of the tool, resulting in burrs, chipping, and waste. When the product does not meet the standard, the grooving knife needs to be replaced.


Although there are specific differences in the service life of imported and domestic grooving knives, there are some similar problems. One is that the grooving knife (upper knife) can only be used once and has a shorter life; the other is the effect of sharpening and reusing the knife. Week, the quality of grooving is unstable; third, the cutting edge has poor wear resistance, and some of the cutting edges are partially cracked; fourth, frequent purchase of new knives, high expenditure, and high production cost.


 The tool wear is related to the quality of the paper being cut. When the grooving knife is working, the ruler cuts the cardboard while the surface is subjected to relative friction. The sand content in many cardboards is as high as 5%~10%. The sand particles have a solid grinding effect close to the cutting edge, making the metal on the cutting edge surface gradually plastic deformation and fatigue wear off. The tool's life decreases with the increase of the use time and the increase of the sand content (quartz sand, etc.) and impurities of the cut cardboard.

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