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The development direction of box making machine

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What determines the development direction of box making machine is market demand. Now my country's box making machine market is showing new trends. I wonder if the packaging box machinery industry can upgrade in time and keep up with the trend.

Throughout the development of rigid box making machine, we have gone through continuous efforts and improvements. From the beginning of mechanical control to single-chip microcomputer to today's PLC industrial control, they have all developed step by step. It is market demand that determines the development direction of packaging machinery. More and more products pay attention to exquisite packaging, and the packaging machinery industry will also develop under the five major trends.

Globalization. First of all, competition in the global market is constantly intensifying. The box making machine market survey analysis shows that many domestic and foreign companies face bankruptcy from the packaging machinery manufacturing industry under market competition pressure due to low competitiveness. Or they have closed down, including small and medium-sized enterprises and some well-known enterprises. Those companies barely surviving in the domestic market have to consider expanding into new markets; the rapid development of network marketing has promoted cooperation between competing companies. This kind of cooperation will bring new hope to both parties. Still, because it is based on competition, it will develop to increase international market competition further. The interaction between cooperation and competition has become the driving force for the development of global manufacturing.

Networking. The success of network technology has solved many restrictions in time and space in box making machinery manufacturing. The popularization of computer networks will bring revolutionary changes to production and sales. Product design, parts procurement and manufacturing, and market analysis are easier to operate and manage based on network technology and can be operated and controlled in remote locations. In addition, the rapid development of network information technology is bound to bring new opportunities and challenges to the machinery manufacturing industry and promote the development of enterprises in the direction of both competition and cooperation.

Automatic Box Forming Machine

Virtualization. The application of virtual technology in product production is mainly embodied in the two functions of inspection and simulation. First, the product's machinability, processing method, and rationality of design ideas can be tested, which can more accurately guarantee product quality and production costs. , Production cycle. In addition, the product can be modeled and simulated, and computer software and the network can simulate each process of product manufacturing to avoid intractable problems in actual operation.

Automation. The current automation research is mainly manifested in the integration technology and system technology in the manufacturing system, man-machine integrated manufacturing system, manufacturing cell technology, manufacturing process planning, scheduling, neural manufacturing technology, and the manufacturing environment of the current production model.

       Eco-friendly. Eco manufacturing produces eco products through eco production processes, eco design, eco materials, eco equipment, eco technology, eco packaging, and eco management. After the products are used up, they are recycled through eco treatment. The use of Eco manufacturing can minimize the negative impact of manufacturing on the environment, and at the same time, maximize the use of raw materials and energy.

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