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Packaging Box Production Process

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Packaging box making machine is used to make packaging boxes. Many colleagues in the industry know that packaging box production is a complicated process. A qualified packaging box is made through several processes.

As the leading automatic rigid box making machine manufacturer in China, Pinchuang will give you a detailed description of the packaging box making process, roughly divided into the following steps.

1. Plate making

Plate making and links are extremely important, because this process directly affects product integrity, and the current technology has also improved a lot. Most manufacturers use digital packing box making machines to make plates, which generally require printing, printing, revision, and gifts. Boxes pay attention to novelty and crisp appearance, so the layout colors of the packaging boxes are also varied. Usually, a gift box of a style has not only 4 basic colors, but also several spot colors, such as: gold and silver.

2. Choose paper

In general, the gift box of the packing box is made of gray cardboard, and the outside is mounted with colored paper or special paper. Color paper is made of double copper and dumb copper paper. Some of them use 80G, 105G, 128G, 157G, and these gram-weight papers are more commonly used. The outer mounting colored paper of gift boxes is rarely used above 200G; because the colored paper is too thick to mount on the gift box, it is easy to bubble, and the appearance looks very good. rigid. Of course, this also depends on what the product is. Design the outer packaging according to the product, and then choose the paper quality and craftsmanship.

3. Printing process

Most of the gift boxes are made of printed paper, and the gift box is the outer packaging box, which pays attention to the printing process. The most taboo color difference, ink dots, and rotten boards will affect the aesthetics.

4. Surface treatment of colored paper

The surface colored paper of the gift box of the packaging box should be surface treated, the common ones are over-varnish, over-matt, over-UV, over-varnish, over-matte, bronzing and so on.

5. Beer

Beer is a very important part of the printing process. The beer must be accurate to not affect the subsequent work. The key is to make the die. Die die is also important, because if die die is not accurate to your design files, it will also greatly affect the finished product. Therefore, it is generally best to take the printed product to the die master to make alignment when making die die.

6. Paper mounting process

Usually the printed matter is framed first and then shaped into beer. The only way to make gift boxes is to frame the colored paper (face paper) after the beer: 1) It is afraid of making colorful paper. 2) The gift box pays attention to the overall beauty, and the exquisite handwork can only be seen by mounting the outside colored paper.

7. The last process

If you need to buckle and punch, they are all done during assembly, if you don't need these packaging box processes. Do the final surface cleaning (wipe the surface glue with decontaminated water). Then it can be packaged and delivered. This is the technological process of producing gift boxes.


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