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Operating rules for V Grooving Machine

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Operating rules for V Grooving Machine

The V-grooving machine equipment must be operated safely and regulated in the actual work of the factory, and usually pay more attention and operate safely. How to operate the V-grooving machine safely? First of all, when the V-grooving machine equipment is in operation, do not put items that are easy to slip or dump on the workbench. And it is generally forbidden for personnel to enter unsafe areas during operation and not inadvertently touch the planning area when the machine is working.

After the tools are used, they should be returned to their original position to prevent accidents caused by forgetting to put them back in their original place. When the equipment is running at high speed, pay attention to the operator's clothing and wear safe clothes to prevent danger. Shoes and jackets should be tucked into trousers, and nothing should be put into jacket pockets.

Machinery and equipment must be operated safely and standardized, and a big mistake cannot be caused by greed for saving trouble for a while. It must be safe and standardized when using the slotting machine series of machinery and equipment. When we use machinery and equipment, if we find that the equipment has an abnormal sound or a dangerous state, we must immediately stop the operation of the equipment, confirm the following matters, and restore the normal state before restarting the operation after confirming the safety. When there is always something wrong with the machine, when there are bad symptoms, we must cut off the power supply, find a professional for inspection and repair, and do not let the machine work with "sickness."

Safe operation rules of V-grooving machine

1. Each shift must be lubricated according to the machine lubrication point instruction diagram before operation.

2. Check whether the alloy shank bolts are loose.

3. The machine table is checked regularly and kept clean. Do a good job in daily maintenance and not place debris and waste.

4. Check whether the fixed blade holder on the toolbar is damaged, and replace it in time if it is not suitable.

5. People are prohibited from entering the nose operation area during regular operation.

6. The computer data programming shall not be changed in the automatic working state of the machine.

7. If the abnormal phenomenon of the machine is found, stop the machine in time for maintenance, and cut off the power supply before maintenance.

8. Regular inspection of the machine tool, keep it clean and do an excellent job in daily maintenance.

V-grooving machine

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