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Method of correct operation of V Grooving Machine

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V-grooving machine

Method of correct operation of V Grooving Machine

The V-grooving machine is a new type of cardboard processing equipment, especially a tool device and transmission mechanism of a box-type cardboard V-grooving equipment. The transmission mechanism of the V-groove machine is equipped with a clamping roller, which can clamp the cardboard and move. Complete the grooving of the cardboard through the diamond-shaped piece.

The utility model of the V-grooving has a small and compact structure, and multiple cutter devices can be installed on the linear guide to complete the purpose of opening multiple grooves; the utility model of the V-groovinge is to change the milling head to a V-grooving machine tool device and transmission mechanism , Can save energy, and the cardboard scraps are not powdered but V-shaped strips of paper scraps, making it easy to handle, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

The correct operation method of V-grooving machine

The V-groove machine adopts a new type of cardboard conveying mechanism to put the entire cardboard to be grooved on the drum (60 cm in diameter) to ensure the accurate positioning of the groove, no deviation and straightness of the groove, with high precision and high speed. , The tool is durable and so on.

1. Connect to the power supply (220V)

2. Turn on the power switch

3. Press the start switch

4. Rotate the speed switch

5. Adjust the parallelism of the first axis, and determine the distance between the axis and the big roller by the thickness of the cardboard.

6. Adjust the two shafts of the second row of plum blossom handwheels upwards to tighten the belt (to prevent slipping when the cardboard is slotted)

7. Loosen the two small hand wheels of the baffle first, and then shake the side hand wheels according to the width of the cardboard.

8. The back beam of the tool post can be adjusted up and down, the upward grooving angle is large, and the downward grooving angle is small.

9. The distance between the tip of the knife and the jelly is based on the thickness of a piece of A4 paper, about 0.03-0.05mm, to ensure that the jelly is not scratched by the knife.

10. Loosen the pulley bolts and the belt can be pushed left and right, adjust the size you need and lock the bolts. (Note: Before the belt pulley moves left and right, the distance between the cutter head and the belt must be checked to prevent the belt from being cut.

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