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The usual maintenance methods of the rigid box making machine

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The usual maintenance methods of the rigid box making machine

The rigid box made by a rigid box-making machine is a trendy packaging box in the current packaging market. Whether it is for festivals, daily gifts, or birthday gifts to others, you may be able to see a packaging box in the form of a heaven and earth cover. It is because rigid boxes are used in the packaging industry extensively. Ordinary mobile phones, mobile phone cases, moon cakes, tobacco and alcohol, food, cosmetics, and jewelry are all used in packaging boxes covered by heaven and earth.


So what are the production modes of the rigid box? At present, there are generally two production modes, fully automatic and semi-automatic. However, machinery, like the human body, needs to be maintained. People who do not pay attention to maintenance are prone to get sick, and the heaven and earth cover forming machine is prone to some problems if it does not pay attention to the care. Then, let’s talk to everyone about the maintenance of the top cover forming machine.

1. Pay attention to the maintenance of rigid box making machine

The maintenance of the machine should pay attention to these points: 

⑴All maintenance requires professional training to maintain, and the power must turn off during the maintenance process. 

⑵ Pay attention to the care of the nozzle. If the nozzle is not using, be sure to turn it on once a week, turn on the air pressure, open the nozzle manually, and spray a little glue; otherwise, if the nozzle is using for a long time will be easier to block.

 ⑶ Pay more attention to the parallelism and tightness of the belt. If the belt is eccentric, it is easy to wear on one side; the equality of the belt should adjust frequently. Tightening one side while loosening the belt will cause deformation of the belt, resulting in inaccurate positioning of the book box production for a long time. Failure to adjust these will cause damage to the belt.

 ⑷The nozzle seat rail is lifted to wipe and fill with butter, and filled with butter. The lead screw drive parts should keep clean to prevent dust from jamming the slider while maintaining a good lubrication state to maintain a long service life; the guide rail timing belt should check for tightness once a month.

 ⑸ Pay attention to applying grease to the transmission parts for some time and check whether the pneumatic lubricating oil and other parts of the filter need to add.

 ⑹ Regularly disassemble and wash the top cover forming machine and use high-pressure air or dry brushes to remove dust and carbonized materials on the surface of the machine to prevent the machine from jamming.

 ⑺ If the machine will not be used for a long time, clean up the machine, apply anti-rust oil, and do an excellent job of dustproof, waterproof, and sunscreen.

Maintenance of machinery is a long-term and regular job. Only if the machinery is maintained well, the machinery will age more slowly and work better.

2. Pay attention to the working environment

It is best not to place the machine in a place prone to dust; the humidity should not exceed 65%, and there should be no excessive dust and electric ion pollution in the surrounding air, and the working temperature is best to be 10-50 ℃.

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