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Introduction of V Grooving Machine

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V Grooving Machine

Introduction of V Grooving Machine

V Grooving Machine is a machine specialized in V-grooving various sheets of industrial cardboard, gray cardboard, density board and so on. Using a new type of conveying cardboard machine. Wrap the entire plane of the cardboard to be slotted on the surface of the drum to ensure that the slotting is accurate, there is no deviation and the straightness of the slotting, and it has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, and durable tools.

Instructions for use of V Grooving Machine

1. Regularly check whether there is oil and water in the air compressor, if there is, it should be discharged as soon as possible;

2. Regularly check whether the cylinder air pressure adjustment knob is loose;

3. Regularly check the wear of the frosting sheet, and replace it in time;

4. Regularly check whether there is dust on the sensor;

5. V Grooving Machine parameter adjustment, size adjustment, after using a side strip of more than two meters to open the actual size, measure the length, if it is longer, divide the long part by 8 and add the original parameters; if less , Just divide the lesser part by 8 and subtract the original parameter.

Performance characteristics of V Grooving Machine

High efficiency, easy operation, only one person can operate, thereby effectively improving production efficiency.

Advanced, the V-groove has a good effect, it solves the problem of the V-groove with burrs on ordinary machinery and solves the problem of the V-groove sky and ground cover.

Environmental protection and pollution-free, usually the power of V Grooving Machine is about 13KW, the power of this machine is only 1.5KW, which effectively reduces the production cost.

Easy to use, the cardboard slotting machine can be discharged anywhere in the workshop. Except for special places and dangerous places, it occupies a small area and has a small area.

No dust, environmental protection and no noise.

V Grooving Machine is used for the V-groove of various cardboards such as gray cardboard, industrial cardboard, and MDF, making the cardboard V-groove achieve the characteristics of high precision, durable and efficient cutting tools.

This machine automatically feeds the cardboard into the machine for slotting, and can also adjust various angles to produce more exquisite products.

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