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How to choose heaven and earth rigid box making machine?

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How to choose heaven and earth rigid box forming machine?

Nowadays, mainstream mobile phone brands adopt the box shape of rigid box in their packaging. In addition, common gift jewelry, clothing and shoes, tea desserts, etc. also tend to choose rigid box as packaging boxes.

For printing companies, choosing a suitable rigid box making machine for the top and bottom cover can not only save costs, but also greatly improve the production efficiency. Then as the production management or technical personnel of the workshop production line, how should we buy a top and bottom cover What about the rigid box making machine?

At present, there are mainly two types of rigid box making machines on the market, one is a semi-automatic box making machine, and the other is a fully automatic box making machine. The production process adopted by the semi-automatic box forming machine is through gluing the surface paper, attaching the corners of the gray board, positioning the gray board to the surface paper, and finally compacting and folding into the edge forming. This kind of equipment has less early investment and simple operation. The disadvantage is that after manual participation, the quality of the boxes produced is uneven, so basically it can only be used to receive orders of some small brands, and the profit is naturally relatively low.

The full-automatic box making machine completes all the box making processes directly through the machine, almost without manual intervention. In addition to the controllable capacity, the quality of the box mass production will also be more stable. Of course, the cost of purchasing equipment will be relatively high, but in recent years, most domestic companies have begun to pay attention to the design and quality of packaging, so that they can get a better premium space, so the fully automatic world cover box making machine is for semi-automatic From the perspective of market and product, the advantages are more prominent.

So in addition to this, what other elements do you need to refer to when buying a rigid box making machine?

1. Box size: A piece of heaven and earth cover equipment can be as small as hundreds of thousands, or as large as millions. If it is intelligently compatible with a few box types, then for manufacturers, the range of orders will be greatly reduced. Therefore, generally speaking, the larger the size and size range of the machine, the more boxes that can be produced, and the stronger the market's ability to satisfy the market.

2. Machine accessories: The performance of the whole machine is inseparable from every accessory. High-end equipment must be equipped with better processing parts. When purchasing, you can look at the motor, cylinder, robotic arm, positioning system, etc. used by the equipment. And so on, a good configuration will generally bring better control effects.

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