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How to buy a rigid box making machine?

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rigid box making machine

How to buy a rigid box making machine?

The automatic rigid box making machine is the best equipment for making high-end quality paper boxes, with reasonable design, reliable performance, and the same level of technology in the world. Adopt PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, hydraulic positioning system, touch screen man-machine interface, realize automatic paper feeding, paper gluing, automatic cardboard conveying, cardboard forming and pasting four corners, positioning and bonding, carton forming, etc. One-time completion, the whole machine production is fully automatic on-line, and the production efficiency is more than 30 times higher than that of traditional craftsmanship. It can be used to make mobile phone boxes, candy boxes, chocolate boxes, tea boxes, watch boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, electronic product boxes, moon cake boxes, setting boxes, wine boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes, etc.

As the saying goes, "shop around", packaging and printing companies are no exception when purchasing automatic box making machines. After all, equipment investment is a major event, and it has an important impact on the future development of the company. So, what factors and indicators should packaging and printing companies pay attention to and consider when purchasing automatic box making machines? What matters should be paid attention to?

According to the situation, packaging and printing companies mainly consider the function, format, price, speed, stability and other indicators of the folder gluer when purchasing automatic box making machines.

The function of the rigid box making machine is one of the important factors that users consider. If the function is too simple, you will be at a loss when encountering a slightly more complicated box type product, and it will inevitably affect the business expansion. Of course, the more functions of the equipment, the higher the price. "Fish and bear's paw cannot have both." Therefore, under the premise of meeting product demand, the price of the automatic box making machine must also be considered, that is to say, Choose equipment with higher cost performance.

Users are also very concerned about the stability and reliability of the automatic box making machine, and require the automatic automatic box making machine to run stably, reliably, and have a low failure rate. If the performance of the automatic box making machine is unstable and frequent failures, it will not only affect production and delay the delivery date, but also damage the reputation and image of the company.

Finally, we must also pay attention to the after-sales service and technical support capabilities of equipment suppliers. If the supplier's after-sales service and technical support can't keep up, once the equipment has a problem, the manufacturer's technical support cannot be obtained in time, which will affect and delay the production cycle, which can be said to be more than a loss. For the majority of packaging and printing companies, the strong technical strength and perfect after-sales service system of manufacturers are of vital importance to the sustainable development of the company in the future. Therefore, it is very important to find the right partner.

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