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Daily troubleshooting method of sealing machine

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Daily troubleshooting method of sealing machine

The unpacking and sealing machine have brought high benefits to the enterprise. Under high-intensity work, the equipment will have various failures, more or less, and simple methods can clear some failures. , We will share with you the daily failures and disposal methods of the unpacking and sealing machine.

First of all: the suction cup sucks and releases a lot of times. It is easy to suck in the dust and paper dust in the air and cause the suction power to be significantly reduced. Make the airflow in and out smoothly.

Second: Due to its high-speed working characteristics, the cutting and sealing of the tape applicator adopt a patented fixed-point sealing and cutting. The movement of the slide and the slide exceeds 10,000 times a day, so tapes often appear. Always wipe and lubricate regularly to ensure smooth work and avoid rust.

Third: The drive chain of the unpacking and sealing machine body is the key to linking the interaction between the motor groups, and it needs to be filled with lubricating grease regularly. If you feel that there is vibration during the operation of the machine, it means that the chain gap is too large, and the tightness of the chain should be adjusted in time to make the linkage position normal to extend the machine's service life.

Fourth: The softness and hardness of the carton are also the key to the regular operation of the unpacking and sealing machine. The light and soft cardboard boxes are prone to deformation or rhombus, so try to use the cardboard boxes with better cardboard textures. If you find that the carton is shaped like a diamond, When it is not correct, the front and rear positions of the push box block can be adjusted to make the push box flat and square.

The unpacking and sealing machine still has many problems and failure points, which need to be prevented by the company's daily cleaning and care.

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