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Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine advantage

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Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine advantage

The world-covered box type is one of the mainstream box types in the current packaging market. The most common ones are electronic equipment packaging boxes represented by mobile phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, accessories, watches, tea snacks, clothing and shoes, flower gift boxes, cosmetics, and other industries. They also tend to choose Tiandi cover boxes as packaging boxes.

At present, there are two modes for Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine: semi-automatic machines with manual and fully automatic equipment.

How do you choose a semi-automatic box-making machine and an automatic box-making machine?

The semi-automatic machine and manual work are used to divide the carton production into several processes: gluing the face paper, attaching the gray board to the corner, positioning the gray board to the face paper, compacting, folding, and wrapping. The advantages of this production mode are less investment in equipment and site in the early stage and simple and easy operation of the process.

The disadvantages are evident, including varying labor levels, unstable quality of finished products, high labor costs, and related management problems. Because of these shortcomings, the quality of cartons supplied by semi-automatic production is generally low, staying in the low-end commodity range with relatively low profits. There is almost no chance to compete for large brands and high-quality bulk orders.

A fully automatic box making machine for heaven and earth cover is to use one machine to complete the process and make finished carton, completely get rid of the dependence on labor, stabilize mass production, ensure quality, and achieve a state of high-speed, high-efficiency, and ongoing development in production and supply. . Compared with semi-automatic machines and manual labor, the fully automatic mode is indeed a more advanced production mode, which can better meet the quality requirements and supply demands of the packaging market.

There are many brands of box-making equipment in the current market, but being equipped with the above functions is an essential prerequisite for stable production, so be careful when choosing customized equipment. Whether it can be customized is one of the tests for equipment manufacturers.

For example, the customization of the glue control part can effectively control the dehydration viscosity according to different cartons and different paper products to ensure the viscosity of the glue and the quality of the finished product; for example, for the customization of the positioning part, the emerging image positioning is combined with the operation of the manipulator clamp. Which is definitely better than the original photoelectric positioning machine clamp in terms of accuracy.

For example, the customization of the folding and forming part of the carton can present different packaging effects such as overlapping, overlapping, and deep folding. At present, the packaging market is paying more and more attention to personalized, customized packaging, and the customized expansion function of box-making equipment is imperative.

In addition, energy consumption and environmental protection issues also need to be considered when selecting equipment. To ensure the output, many users' machines continue to run for a long time, which consumes a lot of power. Therefore, power consumption is also one of the critical parameters for selecting equipment. Combined with the current implementation of environmental protection policies in various places, the noise produced by equipment has also become an essential factor in selecting machines.

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Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

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