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Automatic box making machine a strong attack

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Automatic box making machine a strong attack

Pinchuang is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. It is mainly dedicated to the research and development of a complete set of equipment for automatic box making machine. In the process of continuous design and innovation, we have accumulated a lot of valuable experience and technical force in the field of forming technology of the sky and earth cover.

Product Introduction

The whole set of Tiandi cover box forming equipment is mainly used for V-grooving of gray board paper, industrial paperboard, density board and so on. Equipped with automatic feeding, automatic waste discharge, automatic collection and other automatic devices that save labor and manpower. It has the characteristics of high precision, no noise, and simple operation. It is equipped with a special knife sharpener as standard, which is convenient for users to sharpen the knife.

Fully automatic V Grooving Machine-product advantages

1. No burrs, dust, smooth V groove surface;

2. Adopt the latest type of conveying cardboard structure to increase the production speed;

3. The new unilateral paper feeding method is adopted to make the cardboard move accurately and without deviation, which can have obvious effects on small cardboard;

4. This machine can automatically discharge waste during the production process;

5. The whole machine uses 220V power supply for easy use, and the total power is only 2.2KW;

6. This machine is equipped with a special knife sharpener, which is easy to operate and quick to sharpen the knife. The user can sharpen the knife by himself, which is convenient and flexible;

7. The unique feature of this machine: three-axis linkage to ensure the accuracy of the product during the transition from the feeding belt to the pressing belt;

automatic V Grooving Machine

Fully Automatic box making machine-product introduction

This book box assembly machine is simple and convenient to use, efficient, glue-saving, and accurate positioning. It is the first-choice equipment for various book box manufacturers. The machine adopts a robot to automatically position and spray glue and can be adjusted according to product size requirements. Shape spraying reduces the waste of glue, while ensuring accurate accuracy, strong adhesion and no leakage. The machine uses a positioning press box, and the use of the inner box and the leather case improves the accuracy during the positioning process and reduces the rejection rate. The new product launch is well received by the majority of customers.

Product advantages

1. High safety performance, fast adjustment time (the paper feeding of the leather case is suction type, and the inner box adopts digital input, no manual debugging is convenient and fast) simple operation, novices can easily get started

2. Fast processing speed, using strip spraying to save glue, strong adhesion and no leakage

3. Diversified and simplified dispensing automation

4. The inner box press box is stable and accurate

5. Servo motors are used in each part, and the automatic control system uses imported high-end accessories, with high stability, strong functionality, high accuracy and long service life.

Automatic box making machine

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