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Advantages of Rigid Box V Grooving Machine

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Pinchuang is the leading automatic rigid box making machine manufacturer, offers automatic rigid box making machines and other related equipment.

The V grooving machine can carry out V-grooving for stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet, copper sheet and other metal sheets, so that the radius of the working edge arc after bending is extremely small, and the bending required for sheet metal bending is reduced. The force allows long sheets to be bent on smaller tonnage grabbers.

Rigid box grooving machines is a new generation of gray board grooving equipment designed and developed by Pinchuang which has accumulated all the advantages of grooving machines for many years. It is also another technological innovation of grooving machines. It uses several belts to bundle the cardboard and rollers to be slotted and transport them to the slotted part to slot, so that the slotted slot will not move or deviate, thus ensuring the slotting quality and improving the production efficiency. Reduced the rejection rate, won the unanimous praise of customers.


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