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Advantages and characteristics of automatic rigid box making machine

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Advantages and characteristics of automatic rigid  box making machine

Pingchuang Machinery specializes in the production of fully automatic rigid box making machines for top and bottom cover, and the advantages and characteristics of the automatic rigid box making machines for fully automatic top and bottom cover are as follows:

1. The rigid box making machine adopts back-push paper feeding structure, the whole action is fully pneumatically controlled, and the structure is simple and reasonable.

2. The width adjustment of the stacking platform and the feeding platform adopts the center concentric adjustment, and the operation is simple and error-free.

3. Imported ultrasonic double-sheet detection device is adopted, which is easy to operate and set up, effectively preventing double-sheets.

4. Hot melt glue automatic circulation, mixing and gluing system. (Optional glue viscometer)

5. The hot melt adhesive tape automatic conveying and slitting device can complete the corner sticking operation of the four corners of the cardboard inner box at one time.

6. There is a vacuum suction fan under the conveyor belt to control the glued paper without relative deviation.

7. The glued surface paper and the cardboard inner box adopt a hydraulic correcting device to position and fit.

8. The carton forming part can realize the continuous operation of automatic hemming, ear folding and forming and folding in one time.

9. The whole machine adopts PLC control, photoelectric tracking system and touch screen man-machine interface to realize the automatic production process of one-time carton forming.

10. Automatic fault diagnosis and alarm function.

automatic rigid box making machines

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