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About Pinchuang

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After years of business development, Pinchuang has already possessed a highly qualified management team. The automatic rigid box making machines produced by Pinchuang are mainly used for the production of paper packaging boxes, which are suitable for the packaging of mobile phone boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, watch boxes, cosmetic boxes, daily necessities and other industries. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "manufacturing with heart, cooperation with integrity, and quality management", supplying excellent products for the majority of industries in need, while improving the quality of after-sales service and increasing customer satisfaction.


Automatic rigid box making machines adopt motion controller system, visual manipulator system, touch screen man-machine interface system, automatic paper feeding, gluing, cardboard pasting four corners, positioning and bonding, lead-in, hemming, full folding ears, and folding forming and finished products The shaping action is automated and other features.

A. Suitable for all kinds of hard paper rigid box making machine production lines

B. Automatic suction and feeding of facial paper and gray cardboard

C. Full computer function parameter setting and fault display alarm function

D. The whole machine adopts motion controller control system and touch screen man-machine interface control system

E. Single touch screen man-machine interface control system for corner sticking machine

F. The combination of mechanical and electronic cams makes the inner folding depth up to 70mm and can be adjusted arbitrarily

G. Visual robot positioning (error ±0.05mm)

H. 24-hour control glue preheating function, glue viscosity automatic control system (optional)

"Building a good industry to meet the professional needs of customers", Pinchuang has advanced product testing equipment, scientific enterprise management methods, sophisticated manufacturing processes and high-tech talents to ensure it. In many years of practice in the field of packaging equipment, we have accumulated a wealth of practical experience. If you need automatic box making machines, please contact us.

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