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What are the reasons why the leather case machine sucks multiple sheets when sucking the cover?

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With the continuous development and progress of machinery and equipment, people often use a lot of machinery and equipment in their lives. These machinery and equipment can not only effectively save people’s working time, but also have a variety of different uses, bringing people There are many conveniences, among which the use of the leather case machine can not only bring more exquisite outer packaging to people’s products, but it is also very simple and fast in the operation and use process. However, it often appears when using the leather case machine The leather case machine sucks multiple sheets of paper when sucking the cover. So, what are the reasons for these?

    1. When the leather case machine is in use, the cover should be loosened or loosened as much as possible after cutting, so as to effectively prevent multiple covers from sticking together and being sucked up when the cover is sucked.

    2. When people use a leather case machine to absorb book paper, it may be caused by the cover is not processed or some relatively poor book paper. These book papers are generally more air-permeable. Therefore, in It is easy to suck a lot of paper when sucking paper, so the quality of book paper should be checked.

What are the main uses of the leather case machine?

    With the continuous development of people's science and technology, people have begun to manufacture a lot of mechanical equipment to replace traditional hand-made, which can not only reduce a lot of labor intensity for people, but also save more time and improve work efficiency. And production, you not only make the product more standardized and large-scale, but also make the product more exquisite. It is a professional automatic production equipment for hardcover book cases, notebooks or desk calendars. The overall action is completed. Controlled by automation, the structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation is stable. The use of the husk machine can also greatly reduce the waste rate. The purpose of the husk machine is not only to mass produce outer packaging boxes such as moon cakes, tea boxes, and some handicrafts. The outer packaging box looks more beautiful and standard. It can also be used to produce and shape the covers of folders, desk calendars and hardcover books. The operation is simple and easy to use. It is a very effective solution for automated production.

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