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The dust-free slotting machine has no angle error every time the blade is ground?

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The dust-free slotting machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the working table is adjusted up and down, which makes the operation more convenient and free. The compact body is beautiful, elegant and fast, which meets the relevant packaging standards.

    The automatic dust-free slotting machine has no angle error every time the blade is ground, and the slot pitch can be adjusted to an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The cardboard can also be accurately moved when slotted on the side, satisfying the straightness and accuracy of the slotting. Due to the "knife pin" grooving principle and the selection of blade materials, the frequency of sharpening the knives by workers is greatly reduced.

    The groove pitch adjustment does not hurt the roller or the knife. The digital display of the mechanical casing adjusts the groove distance. The sharpening machine has a sharpening angle adjustment device. The sharpening speed is fast and accurate. Only two screws need to be loosened for loading and unloading the knife.

    Small model, small footprint, low power consumption, high efficiency, and cost savings. The reverse side is slotted to make the paper dust fall under the table, and the suction mechanism is used to suck the paper dust into the cloth bag to maintain a good working environment. Two-way feed, parallel and horizontal to complete the cardboard slotting process at one time.

    Its use cost is low: the scrap of the dust-free slotting machine is paper strips, which can be sold as waste paper to offset expenses.

    The dust-free slotting machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, with its own power, and there is no need to worry about the external power supply for field construction.

    The dust-free slotting machine can easily, accurately and quickly sew seam-sealing slots with a width of 1-5 cm and a depth of 0-3 cm on the asphalt and cement roads.

    From the perspective of the basic wall disposal request, the proper increase ratio of glue or emulsion will help strengthen the adhesion of the putty to the wall, so that it will not drop powder and layer when it reaches the basic layer, and it is not easy to crack and peel.

    For putty with proper hardness, the effect of wall cardboard slotting machine will be better, the level of fineness will be improved a lot, and the dust will be reduced.

    This kind of wall effect can not only improve the quality of the project, but also save the amount of primer (normally smooth and delicate walls will reduce the primer by about 25%). Therefore, it is recommended to add some emulsion when mixing putty to strengthen The hardness of the putty.

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