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  • Advantages of Rigid Box V Grooving Machine


    Pinchuang is the leading automatic rigid box making machine manufacturer, offers automatic rigid box making machines and other related equipment.The V grooving machine can carry out V-grooving for stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet, copper sheet and other metal sheets, s Read More

  • About Pinchuang


    After years of business development, Pinchuang has already possessed a highly qualified management team. The automatic rigid box making machines produced by Pinchuang are mainly used for the production of paper packaging boxes, which are suitable for the packaging of mobile phone boxes, jewelry boxe Read More

  • How To Use And Operate The Box Forming Machine


    PinChuang is the leading box maker machine manufacturer in China, offers rigid box making machines. Many customers who buy box forming machines will not use them correctly when they go back. Let’s talk about the correct operation of box forming machines.How to use and operate the automatic box forming Read More

  • Automatic dust-free slotting machine is a highly automated and efficient mechanical equipment


    Bicycle accessories is a collective name for all parts and accessories of the bicycle body. According to the large structural frame of the vehicle body, it can be divided into: car frames, tires, pedal parts, front fork components, chains, flywheels and other categories.Among the 25 accessories such Read More

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