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Automatic dust-free slotting machine is a highly automated and efficient mechanical equipment

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The investment in automatic dust-free slotting machine machinery industry has generally increased, but the growth rate has been relatively slow. Due to the low added value of the export products of my country's machinery industry, the main equipment mainly relies on imports, and the situation that key components are controlled by others has existed for a long time.

     At the same time, the most imported advanced equipment mainly includes: powerful CNC systems, high-temperature components in power generation equipment, special bearings and gears for high-speed railway locomotives with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, hydraulic systems for large construction machinery, and intelligent measurement and control systems for powerful CNC processing equipment The main reasons for the long-term existence of these conditions are the low level of independent R&D technology in the industry, poor basic experimental conditions, and the inability of raw materials to meet technical requirements.

     The automatic dust-free slotting machine has made remarkable achievements in the localization of equipment in my country. Semi-automatic gluing machine: The production of a batch of major technical equipment has entered the ranks of the world's major countries, and the pace of independent innovation of some key components and special materials that have long been dependent on imports has accelerated .

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